BPL International Legal Advisors has substantial expertise in representing major financial institutions as well as end-users in structuring, negotiating and documenting derivatives and structured products.
We can advise and assist our clients on a wide variety of derivative instruments including interest rate, currency, energy, commodity, equity and credit derivatives, total return swaps, emerging market derivatives, and index- and commodity-linked notes offerings. The areas of our strength include project finance hedging, including complex financial and security arrangements and legal risk analysis in respect of derivatives portfolios.

We place high importance on understanding the economic fundamentals of derivative instruments and an in-depth knowledge of the ISDA architecture to help us structure and document derivatives and structured products in an efficient and pragmatic way aligned with the economic interests of our clients. We take particular care that the hedge component matches the financing and other related arrangements, and, whether it be a stand-alone trade or a component of a complex transaction, we will seek to provide robust legal protections for our clients in the case of potential counterparty failure or distress. Our experience of advising clients who are in financial distress as well as clients whose counterparties are going through bankruptcy or similar proceedings, have provided us with the invaluable knowledge of how to structure the deal documentation to stand up in bad times.

Our professionals can assist in both finding business solutions and legally implementing them by putting in place hedges to avoid or mitigate such risks as high interest rate, currency fluctuations and commodity price exposure. In particular we will assist corporate clients whose businesses would benefit from stable commodity prices and those that rely on export revenue, as well as individuals who rely on income from foreign sources.

Our firm is able to provide legal services in connection with derivative instruments and structured products under English, NY or Russian law.