BPL International Legal Advisors has extensive experience in representing clients as the lead counsel in international arbitrations. We focus on international commercial arbitration, investment treaty arbitrations and multi-jurisdictional disputes.
When clients face particularly difficult international disputes they turn to Boyarkin & Partners for strategies and tactics to be developed for their disputes and for representation in the proceedings.

We offer our clients assistance and advice at all stages of the arbitration process. This includes pre-arbitral negotiations, the conduct of arbitral proceedings and advocacy at trial. We often review on-going arbitration proceedings and provide our clients with a second opinion on the state of the dispute. We also often advise our colleagues, lawyers from other firms in charge of arbitrations, regarding specific aspects of the dispute and help them shape winning arguments to support their clients’ cases.

International arbitrations never stand on their own. Many international arbitration cases involve multiple sets of parallel proceedings in the national courts in various jurisdictions. It is extremely important for the success of the international arbitration to have full control and command of all related proceedings. At BPL International Legal Advisors we lead and coordinate the related proceedings by working closely with local lawyers in the relevant jurisdictions, working out overall strategies, making tactical decisions, reviewing all documents in the related proceedings to ensure consistency of positions in the related proceedings. We often operate as project managers for our clients, coordinating complex international arbitrations and related court proceedings. Matters we deal with in the national courts range from obtaining and maintaining injunctions and freezing orders to enforcement of international arbitration awards.

Our lawyers have represented clients in matters arising out of international energy disputes, international construction disputes, international mining disputes, international financial disputes, as well as a wide range of other breach of contract matters.