At BPL International Legal Advisors we are particularly proud of our dispute resolution practice. Dispute resolution has become our passion.
We engaged in our first international dispute resolution project in 2008 and since then we have been handling very complex international arbitrations and litigations, some involving billions of euros: obtaining interim injunctions in various jurisdictions, appearing as counsel in international arbitrations, coordinating and directing the work of local counsel in related litigations in multiple jurisdictions and enforcing arbitral awards in various countries.

We have learnt that dispute resolution is a unique area of legal practice where in order to be successful one needs to have in-depth experience in several areas of law, such as, for example, contract law, corporate law, regulatory issues and procedures, etc. General life experience and good common sense are also a must for analysing facts and developing effective defence and attack strategies in disputes. There can be no good arbitration and litigation lawyers without these skills.

Dispute resolution also requires excellent organizational and managerial skills in order to find witnesses and experts, make a good selection of arbitrators, engage barristers and local lawyers when necessary.

At the same time a team of lawyers working on a dispute resolution project should be small but effective in order to be able to have complete knowledge of all details and keep things under control.

We constantly strive to improve our level of skills and competence in international arbitration and dispute resolution. Our lawyers take part in various specialised international arbitration courses and programs. It is impossible to be successful in international arbitration without having a deep understanding of how arbitrators think and decide cases. Therefore, we study and analyse international arbitrations not only from the counsel’s point of view but also from the arbitrator’s point of view. Our lawyers specialising in international arbitration are members and fellows of the London Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and are qualified to sit as arbitrators themselves. Also, because we have significant experience of handling international arbitrations, we understand the tactics and strategies applied by other law firms that regularly represent clients in international arbitrations.

At BPL International Legal Advisors we are results-oriented and have a track record of winning arbitrations and/or successfully settling arbitrations for our clients.