At BPL International Legal Advisors we have significant experience and in-depth knowledge of the law of international financial sanctions. We have worked both for clients who were subject to these sanctions and for clients who sought enforcement of sanctions.
We have particular experience with EU financial sanctions. We caused one of the EU member states to promulgate implementing legislation necessary to enforce sanctions in the territory of this state. We also secured a precedential and groundbreaking decision of the High Court of an EU member state restricting ability of the persons designated in the sanctions and other persons controlled by them to litigate about commercial matters.

We developed the concepts of breach of contract and frustration of contract as the result of promulgation of international financial sanctions against contracting parties and successfully arbitrated in relation to this breach of contract for our clients.

We worked closely with officials at the EU commission and with certain members of the EU Parliament in respect to analysis, interpretation and enforcement of the financial sanctions.

Today BPL International Legal Advisors is one of the leading legal firms in the field of international financial sanctions.