BPL International Legal Advisors advises individuals, corporations, private equity funds and investment management companies on shareholder matters in connection with their equity investments.
Drawing on our extensive experience in cross-border and domestic M&A deals and corporate restructurings, deep knowledge of the relevant corporate and securities legislation, as well regulatory matters, in various jurisdictions, and our first-hand experience in international dispute resolutions, we provide legal advice to our clients on various shareholder matters in connection with their equity investments in various jurisdictions.

The range of shareholder matters on which ourfirm advises is quite wide: optimal shareholder and ownership structures, buy-sell arrangements, exit strategies, shareholder rights and obligations, pre-emption rights and the rights of first refusal, tag-along and drag-along rights, matters of management and control, corporate decision-taking process and others.

We draft and negotiate shareholder agreements on behalf of our clients. We pay specific attention to the protection of the rights and ownership interests of our clients, compliance with best international standards of corporate governance and compliance with applicable laws in multiple jurisdictions.